Champion Fiberglass' highly engineered products are manufactured to be stronger, lighter and non-corrosive while meeting the most stringent quality standards—ours. Champion Fiberglass maintains the manufacturing expertise and quality control required to consistently manufacture these products in an efficient, on-time manner. At Champion Fiberglass quality is everything. And everything we make stands for quality.
MONTEREY BAY COAST GUARD PIER Jutting out from the picturesque Central California coastline stands U.S. Coast Guard Pier—a 1,700-foot breakwater that guards the north side of Monterey Harbor. Not only home to abundant marine life including seabirds, sea lions, harbor seals and sea otters, Coast Guard Pier is home to the 110-foot USCG Cutter LONG ISLAND. When it came time for the Army Corp of Engineers to choose a conduit system that would weather the elements, they called into service the one conduit manufacturer that could get the job done right: Champion Fiberglass.
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Our new tagline "Do More" was awarded an Award of Excellence last night at the BMA Lantern Awards.

The Tappan Zee Bridge has reopened. No damage to the structure or the Champion Fiberglass conduit has been reported.